Thursday, August 31, 2017


Driving through more wine growing areas

Finally down the mountains and follow the long sandy beaches

And lots of marshy lakes - great for kiteboarders

The old town at Eruissan (and the tower I won't be visiting again)

View from the top - see all the salt flats way out there

Many green miles

Exploring Belmont-Sur-Rance

Passing more cute towns

Millau Bridge from below

and from Millau town

On to the gorge with its many tunnels & sheer drops

Gorges du Tarn

Stopping to explore Enimie

My favourite village

The Theatre in Orange

And the Arch

Where has all that lavender gone - a month ago there would have been patches of purple

All gone!!!


Even more hilltop towns

View from the castle in Sisterton

View over Sisterton

Just driving along

Chris & Suzy's Tower home

Love our camping spot

Exploring town with Chris (and the dogs)

Heading up the hills in Switzerland

Love Switzerland

Nothing better on a hot day

Exploring Pfarrkirchen

Exploring Neumarkt-Sankt-Velt

Cute little Massing

Many, many lovely farms

Volksfest in Dorfen

Of course the parade ends at the Beer Hall

Woops we can't get through - the entry in to Erding
BMW (Bavarian Motor Works)

We need to come here to collect our new BMW

Old home in Klatovy

Heading in to Plzen

Plzen (Czech Republic)

Amazing old monastery in Czech Republic

Chemitz plaza

Leipzig Cathedral

Leipzig - old Rathus

Just in passing - near Wolfsburg

Prowling around at AMR Globetrotters

At AMR Globetrotters

From our Wohnmobileplatz (camping area) in Nienburg


Walking the streets of Goslar

City walls at Goslar

Streets & streets of these lovely buildings in Goslar

Goslar town square

The Glockenspiel in action in Goslar

We can still dive over a 300 year old bridge in Wirsberg

Enjoying breakfast with Konrad & Ingrid


  1. Great photos. Your family looks great too. I think that we can make your images even better eith

  2. Salut les voyageurs/camionneurs,
    Happy to meet you. Stay so open-minded like you are et see you.
    Priscilla and Gaƫtan - Biking form France to Viet-Nam