Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Heading north from Bandar Abbas with all the trucks

Coffee stop at a caravanseri

The lovely mosque at Mahan

Heading in to the Kaluts

Drone time

Our home for the night - outside Zegn-al-Din

The restored interior


Wind towers/Badgirs

Mosque in Yazd


Me in Yazd

Heading in to the Bazaar in Esfahan

Gorgeous Imam Square

Imam Square

Stucco ceiling inside the Palace

No water under the bridge - with friends

Mud brick village of Abyaneh

Ethnic outfits

More desert driving

Just a little house in Kushan

Exploring Tehran

Golestan Palace

Bling overload

Lovely tilework - still in the Palace

Our Friday drive - everyone is out for the day


The drive

Breakfast with a view - on the Caspian Sea

With another new friend

Rice, rice, rice

Travertine terraces

Old quarry

Another great nighttime spot

Apparently they are here!!

Ice house

Another one

The mud brick village

Favorite utes are blue, cars are white


Radkan Tower

Some very smart boys

Goodbye Iran

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