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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


First night camping in Mongolia

The Altai area is very beautiful

Heading in to the town of Olgii

There are Mosques here too

The main drag - lots of Russian apartment buildings

Plenty of lakes in this area

And desert villages

So many horses

Are they on the way to a local Naadam?

100's of gers near Khovd

Water logged streets in Khovd

The Buddhist Temple

On the road - ger removal time

Lots of thirsty camels

Always a ger in the yard

And horses everywhere

A roadside shrine

In to the Gobi

They still have some of their coat

Desert Gers beside the river

Easy peasy!

Even the trucks use this Highway

A hungry fox

Back to the Steppe

A Buddhist Shrine - to the horse of course!

Some local bikies

Was taking a photo of GR2 coming through, but couldn't resist the horses

Setting up a Ger


Taking the sheep for a spin

Spinning those Prayer Wheels

Erdene Zuu Khiid - Buddhist Monastery

The still working section

Locals love getting dressed up for photos

On our way to the local Naadam

Which way do we go!!

YAY we are here - at Olzitt

Don't crack a smile boys!

Yes we love you too!!! (especially your outfit!!)

Some serious action

Almost like the Haka

Centre stage as always

Go girl! You can beat him

4 - 6 year olds in action

We are watching too

In the sand dunes - and NO I don't want a ride (had one before and do not like It - maybe 2 humps would make it easier)

In Ulaanbaatar - soooooo wet

Central Plaza

Aren't they adorable - all ready for Naadam

More at Central Plaza

Women's archery

And Men's

Here we go - the arrival of the White Banner

Setting up Ceremony

And parade

Must guard those banners

Music & dancing

Preparing for when they are older

And the horses of course

So much colour

The Opening is off and the big boys come on


Winter Palace (no photos inside}

Exploring  Baga Gazarin Chuluu with our Mongolian family

Sheep markets on our way out of UB

Have Ger, just add a fence

Gorkhi-Terej National Park 

Turtle Rock

What a little rain can do!!

Yeah I know - a bit tacky - Chingis Khan would not have approved

Maybe he would have approved of this more!

Leaving - I love these gates

Back on the steppe

And yes more gates

Sheep shearing & dousing. They still use shears (large scissors)

Oh dear - which way do we go

Camping beside the Ovoo

Popping by to have a gawp

Meat markets in Choibalson 

The lovely family who showed us around

Double laned highway to the border!

Love all those horses

Yeah it gets worse - and even worser later on

Nearly there - and no we can't use the bridge - Goodbye Mongolia

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