Monday, July 9, 2018


Heading in to Kyrgyzstan

Setting up camp

Lush & green

Great mountain views from the village

Mountain driving


Lots of sheep & goats

Our riverside spot

Heading in to town

Haymaking time in the Fergana valley

Lakeside camping

Everyone's favourite drink - made with fermented mares milk

Local horse transport

The aqua river

Followed by lots of lakes

Local village cemetery - fancier than the homes

Village life


Kochkor  markets - meat anyone

Mares milk - Yum (NOT)

Heading up to Lake Song Kol

Up up and up

Made it

Time to set up camp

And time for us to leave

Coming back down the mountain pass

Animal markets in Kochkor

Beside Lake Yssyk-kol

Market gardens

Charyn Canyon

Why we can't drive through

Driving through Almaty

Finally back in the desert

Desert towns

They are dying

Lake Balkash

Balkash town

With the Colonel

He is watching - in the Gulag Museum


The Palace

Built for Expo

Lake Burabay

Cathedral at Petropavolsk

Gingerbread house

Omsk Cathedral

Hold him down



Love the cottages

Waterfall on the lake

Cruising Lake Teletskoe

Camping on the lake


On the tourist trail - Chuysky Trakt

Double humps - maybe some Viagra needed or water

Last town in Russia

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