Saturday, August 11, 2018


First night camping in Russia - Anon River

Tsugol Datsan

Aginskoe Datsan

Miles of scenery

The houses may be scruffy, but the gardens are well tended

Arriving in Chita

Chita's new Cathedral

The main square

One of the old wooden buildings

Woops its raining cats & dogs

Another riverside camp spot

And yes on & on & on

Meeting up with the 2 Commanders. We look tiny!!! And in the rain

Khabarovsk's lovely cathedral

And their other Cathedral

Main plaza

The 4 km bridge across to Vladivostok

Camping in the sea mist on Russky Island

The lovely Golden Bridge

Crossing that gorgeous Golden Bridge

Camping at the popular end of the beach

Meow!!! Sadly behind bars
Ready for the long drive from Vladivostok to Moscow
At a rest area - a dry toilet (or shit hole, or as John calls it "going about your business Russian style") These are everywhere

We are trailing the Trans Siberian Railway all the time

Just passing through

Nearly at Ulan-Ude

Cathedral at Ulan-Ude

Love the wooden shutters on the old houses at Ulan-Ude

Lenin & I

Camping on a lovely sandy beach at Lake Baikal

Monastery at Lake Baikal

Our second campspot at Lake Baikal - stones & surf

The wooden church at Slyadyanka beside Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal at the town of Listvyanka

Sunset over the lake on our third night at Lake Baikal

Kazan Cathedral in Irtuksk

Magic camp spot beside a tiny lake

Exploring Krasnoyarsk

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