Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Camping in Latvia on our way to Belarus

Just a normal village scene

The Monastery in Polatsk

The moving Khatyn Massacre Memorial

John & Alex heading in to Mir Catle

Inside Nesvizh Castle

The moated Nesvizh Castle

The windmill at Dudutki near where we camped

Exploring Minsck

Another amazing memorial on The Island of Tears in Minsck

The Library!!!

The Belarusian Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Inside The Stalin Line

Us at the Stalin Line

Trying out a gyn (this one is not loaded - that costs extra!)

John exploring at Zabrodie

Hands on with our guide at Lida Castle

Lida Castle

Our camp spot overlooking Hrodna

Inside WW1 bunkers

And outside

The Maldives in Belarus - a man made lake

Hay bale competition time

Runied castle at Ruzhany

Outside the restored gatehouse

Camping overlooking Castle Pushosky

One of the quirky statues in Brest

Central Brest

Heading in to the amazing Brest Fortress


Shelled gate at the Brest Fortress

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