Tuesday, September 25, 2018


So many wells - all with buckets supplied

Our first church in Moldova

Soroca Fortress

From the fortress - overlooking Ukraine. Car ferry across

Some unfinished homes

Looking down on Saharna Monastery

Cave Monastery at Tipova

Orheiul Vechi

River views near Orheiul Vechi

Looking out over the cave monastery

Grapes for sale at harvest time

Chateau Yartley

Chisinau city

Chisinau's Arc de Triumph

Wine stored in the caves

Our visas in to Transdniestr - exit time clearly stated

Tirasopol - Nothing of great excitement

There are lots of statues

The Bell Tower at Noul Neamt Monastery

The ferry crossing

John & Dimitri at Red Star Hostel

Can you see the tank hiding there - photo snuck near border

Bender Fortress

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