Thursday, July 25, 2019


Fancy meeting Aussie mates here in the Pyrennes

Nearly time for Running of the Bills

Meat lovers delight - Jamon, jamon, jamon


Inside the Guggenheim - more like a kids maze - for me the best part!

Wow - flower power dog outside the Guggenheim

And yes the Guggenheim itself in Bilbao

View from the funicular over Bilbao

Gorgeous driving

Squeezing through the village of Pesquero de Ebro

And squeezing across the medieval bridge

The gorgeous beach at Santander

The cliffs at Cabo Busto

More gorgeous Spanish coastline

Lots of granaries at Busto

Fabulous roads

Arriving in Luarca

Luarca Harbour

Walking the Roman Walls (all reconstructed) at Lugo

The Cathedral at Lugo

Hundreds of grainaries

Santiago de Compostela - the outside partially covered

Sadly inside very covered

Back to the beach/praia

Fort at Vila  do Conte

Clams, then tapas to follow

Very hard to get 999 arches in to one photo!! At Vila do Conte


Just love the blue & white tiles

More Porto

Lunch at Porto - it really is yummy - just looks a bit hmmmm (this has been cut in half to share)

Over the river at Porto - where all the port is kept!

Yay! Back to the beach to camp

Our view from GR2

Love the Portuguese boats

Our ferry across to Avero

University at Coimbra



Looking out to the village of Cerdeira

Tomar Castille

Inside - the place is massive - with heaps of cloisters

The Aqueduct

And walking along it

Camping at the beach near Nazare


Exploring with Miranda & Michel

Heading in to Obidios

Meeting Irma & Guri - yet another Aquaduct 


Such pretty countryside

Exploring Lisbon by bus

Cork plantations - lots of harvesting has been happening

Love the local windmills

Our lake front campsite

Can't resist them

Love all the chimneys down here in the Algarve

nd yes more beaches

Camp spot - same one as many years ago in GR1

Cabo de Sao Vicente

Fortaleza de Sagres

Sunset at our beach

And sunrise
My very favorite thing in Portugal - I will look like one if I stay there any longer

Our route

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