Saturday, October 5, 2019


Driving past mountain villages - Morocco

The Anti Atlas Range

Straight in through those gates

Prickly pear cropped everywhere

And so down to the beach

Camp spot

Arriving in Tin Tan

Homes in the desert

More cliff stops

Remains of the British fort

Camp spot for the night


Looking pretty happy to have hitched a ride

Driving the badlands

Chtoukane beach - camp for the night

On our way to Dakhla

Fisherman's village at end of peninsula


No Mans Land

Mauritania side

Welcome to Mauritania


By our camp spot - the tide has rushed out

Iron ore train track

Sand storm coming


Fish that is a big one!

Heading in to Nouckatt

On the streets

Back in the desert - so many villages

The huge bladder contains water

Finally nearer the border

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