Friday, October 18, 2019


Crossing the border on the ferry - the Senegal River

Local transport

Life in the desert is tough

On to more untidy towns

Rice drying on the street

Oh the rubbish

St Louis - their famous bridge

The fish markets

And the boat race

Busy streets of St Louis

Sunset at our restaurant camp spot in Dakar

A few sights in Dakar on our way to the Embassy

Mosque in Dakar

Sunset on our beach - near Popenguine

Wow and the lovely pool

Getting out!!

Reserve de Bandia - naughty monkey has pinched a straw

And the crocs

Naughty naughty monkey!

Can you see the goat up there

Thatched villages

So many babies!!

Busy streets

Heading in to The Gambia

On the ferry - I can't get out, so it really doesn't show the crowd!

Streets of old Banjul

Storm rolling in

Who wants to try it!!!

Hyena in Abuko Nature Reserve

No way am I patting him!

Driving through the city - the streets are always congested

Who says boys can't wear pink - off to school

John charming the ladies at our camp spot (Most had 5 or more kids)

Fishing village

Camping on the beach - thank you Solomon

Sunset over The Gambia River

Donkeys & cows working hard

Parc National de Niokolo-Koha

More villages

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