Friday, November 22, 2019


Hello Cameroon

The road/track

We really did drive right beside this waterfall - in the water

Favourite toy

Markets always overflow on to the streets

No not a walking track - the main road south in Cameroon

The Sultan's Palace - he had to house his 684 wives elsewhere

In the fields (pity about my little camera)

Actually not as overloaded as some of them

The 100 year old Guesthouse

Getting in to the Guesthouse - those planks moved!

The fancy part of Yaounde

Yaounde Cathedral

What's for dinner tonight!

Some of those logging trucks

The huge river in full flow or overflow

Hunting for a number plate

Dinner (NO!)

Lunch stop beside the river

At least they have lawns here

Watching us fill up with water

Ahhhh the road/track to the border

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