Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Our room with a view - Eko Resort in Lagos. We spent ages in the pool

Our view of Victoria Island

The bridge that bypasses Lago city

And the town we bypass!

Collecting another number plate

Oh the rubbish!

And John is worried about GR2 doing an afterburn!!!  Cough, cough, splutter

Plenty of these 

And plenty of bad road

Why did this car roll! Just being flipped back over by lots of locals. Naturally it is full of people - so tight they can hardly move

Bridge over the massive Niger River

Just the usual street scene

This is the main road

Oranges to market

On the bottom - long horned cattle. On the top - goats

Pounding up the yams

Grinding & drying yams

There are plenty of villages

And plenty of stops!

On the side of the road - sadly not such a good zoom on the old camera

Heading in to the gorgeous hill country

Camping in Gembu at the Guesthouse

On our way to the border. Lots of villages 

Checking out the river crossing

Following the convoy of local landrovers

The Pinzgauer 6wd all terrain vehicles that take fuel to Cameroon

Hope that bridge is strong enough - we can't go back now

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