Sunday, December 1, 2019


Heading in to Congo - it was much worse than the photo looks!!! And that truck was stuck

Love this slushy slippery stuff!

By the roadside

And on the road

Gas wells 

Driving in to Pointe Noire

Ahhh the beach and our camp spot

Collecting another no plate...not sure where they will fit!!!

The famous flooded intersection in Pointe Noire

Back to the villages - now in Angola (the Cabinda section)

And the beach

Seat belts!!! Please what are they for?

The Church & Mission we stayed at in Cabinda

Oh yes we are now in the sand roads! And the local taxis. Yes he is on the drivers side!

Poor little car!!!!

Still sand and slush

Oh and road works

And towns

Gossip while fetching water

Veges for dinner

Looking across the mighty Congo River to Matadi

The toll bridge to Matadi

7 or 8 inside so the last one has to sit on top

Last campspot in DRC - another Catholic Mission

Goodbye DRC

After that track we didn't expect so many people at Luvo town on the border - utter chaos

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