Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Leaving Oppi Koppi at Kamanjab

Driving the Grootberg Pass

A Canyon inside Palmwag Concession

Camping in Palmwag

And driving in Palmwag

Another canyon in Palmwag

Found these guys sneaking out of the concession

Some local real estate in Sesfontein

Love the signs

And love the kids

Lots of villages

On the streets of Opuwa

Heading into our Himba Village

Grinding ochre to colour their skin

Singing and dancing (will try to add a video later)

Some friendly kids

Himba villages near Epupo

The Falls

Following the Kuneue River 

Our lunch friends

Trapping birds

More scenery along the road

Local butcher shop 

Catching fish. A joint effort

Local transport

Local village

So many stunning sunsets

Camping on the river

We met some locals in Mahango National Park

Another friendly local

Showing us his horns

Climbing out of his mud bath

YAY Hippo River

They snort and bellow all night

He's just warning us away

A lazy afternoon in Buffalo Park

It's always time to fetch water

Getting some fresh veges

A very tidy Mayeyi Village

Looking at a replica village

Sunset over the Zambesi River at Katima Molilio before we leave Namibia


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