Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Heading along the Bosua Pass

Camp spot at the top of the pass

Loo with a view

We turn and head north

The back road to Karibib

The informal settlements of Karibib

Exploring at Elephant Rock

Enjoying the pool at the Ameib Camp Area

Phillips Cave

Love the local transport

A Himba Village

Heading to Brandburg Mountain

A tame Meercat at The White Lady Lodge

Such cute eyes

The Lodge

The White Lady/ Warrior with bow and arrow

Monument Valley

Who gets to keep the hay from the side of the road?

Hiking in the Waterburg

Ahhh Finally in Etosha. Wart Hogs

These little guys have lovely blue wings when they fly away

We disturbed this little elephant and he roared at us, raised his trunk and charged. We got out of there quickly!!

Road block

Thirsty boys

Just having fun. Its all over in a few minutes

On the move

I have right of way here!

Lunch view

Definitely right of way

A big family

Nighttime drinks

And nighttime tussle



Everyone has to wait 20 mins while this boy has a drink

Finally finished

Last few waterholes

Gemsboks and their babies


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