Thursday, July 21, 2022


Those groovy roads keep you right on track
So many tomatoes for sale everywhere
The lovely Kundalila Falls
Truck rescue
Watch out for those holes
Oh dear....what has happened to the tarseal
And it gets worse
Getting road info from the National Parks guy
The very lovely Shiwa Ng'andu
The hot pool at Kapishya
Our back track from Mpika to Chama
We stop to say hello to the kids
A local home
The main road from Chama to Chipata
The Castle Hotel at Lundazi
A very friendly welcome to the Croc Valley Camping
Hmmm   can I see in here
On the river beside our campsite
So cute
I think he is tired of being looked at
I'm out of here.... he jumps down and walks around the vehicles
One of the genets we saw
Always love the elephant families
That Baobab tree makes GR2 look tiny
Trying to get GR2 and an elephant into a photo
He is crossing the river in front of our camp spot
Digging mud for bricks
Mixing the straw and mud to shape the bricks
And firing them in a kiln. Very proud of the finished product
So many villages
Selling bamboo mats
And making the bamboo mats
A boy and his toy
Three boys 
The mouth of the Luangwe River where it meets the Zambezi
The Pied Piper - coming back to GR2 to collect the meal
The street markets in Lusaka (or should I say train track markets)
Our very dodgy back road - right in the slum area
The huge Kariba dam on the border between Zambia & Zimbabwe

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