Saturday, July 9, 2022


Camping beside the Ngonye River - a great fire and sunset

The Ngonye Falls

Making trailers at Senangu

Looking across the floodplains of the Zambezi River at Mongu

Boat making at Mongu River port

People watching at Mongu port

Speed bump vendors

Local village

Busy working making roofing... and ready to sell.

Local transport

Street salesman

On the road

Local shops

Overloaded trucks

Obstacles on the road

Sunset at Roys Camp near Kafue National Park

In the park

Is he bored

We found "heaps" of hippos in the southern end of Kafue Park

A bit of push and shove

And elephants too

They are not happy to see us!!

Local transport. Just keep adding more and more people until they can't move

Taking charcoal to market

Heading in to Kalomo

For sale on the street

Sunset over the Zambezi River at Victoria Falls Lodge

Mosi-au-Tunya (Water that roars)

Look    2 cameras!

Ducking into the Zambezi canyon


Double wow

The Zambian side

The very wet bridge

A few nosey visitors

Heading north to Lusaka

So much charcoal for sale 

At Fringilla Farm


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