Saturday, August 6, 2022


Loading a local bus
Heading out of the Military College at Mbalabala
The Cathedral in Bulawayo
Town Hall
The Old Men's Club
And the great cafe
The old pub
The train museum
What shall we have today?
Sadly we see this too much
Exploring the Khami Ruins
Heading into Matapo National Park
Rock paintings
Love the rocks at the lookout (at Cecil Rhodes Gravesite)
Camping beside the lake on the edge of the Nat Park
Love the decorated huts
And the donkeys
We finally found the Ethandweni Childrens Home
The lovely chapel at Cyrene
Back in Bulawayo again
One of the Painted Dogs at the refuge
Sneaking a drink from the pool
Inside Hwange National Park
Love these 2 cheetahs
They are on the move
Coffee break
Watch him - but he can't be bothered moving
Heading back to camp
At camp
Victoria Falls Hotel
And yes the Falls again

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