Saturday, September 10, 2022


Awwh the baby elephant is rolling in the sand 

He's staring!

Stampede at the waterhole

And snoozing at the waterhole

He makes such a lovely sound

Not such a clear photo, but the crocs are having a feeding frenzy

Hyenas at dawn as we leave camp

Life is such a yawn

Here's looking at you too

Now both of us will steer at you

Hippo River

There are 5 of us here just lazing around

Need to get some sun on my belly

A chameleon right on the road

Buffalo (another one of the Big 5)

Warthogs - definitely one of our favorite animals

Getting the freshest water

One two three go... drinking time

Time for some fun in the mud at Punda Maria


Can't resist that mud

Looks say it all

There were 10 in the bed! Roll over

A big "tusker"

Croc tails

Oh no back in civilisation!

My new pet to bring home

The crazy landscape at MAPUNGUBWE 

Not too dry for giraffes

The Limpopo River

The amazing Museum building

Our camp spot for the night


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