Sunday, September 18, 2022


Croosing the Limpopo River at Pont Drift border

Yes we can see you!!!

Solomons Wall - such a rocky area

The Supa-Ngwao Museum

John to the rescue. No spare. A flat tyre. John uses his compressor to blow up the tyre.

The local village of Mea

A crazy Baobab with 8 trunks

Heading out onto the Pan

No camping fees required today



Kubu Island

Two vehicles stuck - they look as if they are floating

Lovely Kubu Island

Driving in the Southern Kalahari at Kgalagadi

The Pan

First sunset

Second sunset with friends

He is roaring as he walks

Miles up the road

Poor birdie is now someones dinner

Look what those hyenas did!

Driving back out of the park - at least sand is better than mud

And watch out for those holes!

Local road block

Border time again..... Hello South Africa


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