Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Looking out over the beach and dunes at Pona d'Ouro

And the lovely main beach

Snorkeling with the turtles

The only naughty elephant we could find

Heading into Maputo

The Town Hall in Maputo

And the lovely Cathedral

And the Iron House

The glitzy USA Embassy

Hmmm will that stay afloat 

The local tip!!

There are some very tidy villages

Xai-Xai Beach

Local mini bus

And local school bus

Heading down to the aqua lakes

Just a common sight

Tofo Beach

Local sawmill & workshop

Drving past the new and old church in Inhambane

The long ferry there

Heading down to our next beach

View from our campspot on Morrungulo Beach

The schools are getting more basic

And the shops are getting smaller

Loading coconuts

So many school kids

Loading charcoal

A dhow

The fishing port at Vilankolis

Camping under the baobab tree at Baobab Backpackers

Looking across to the Bazaruto Archipelago

And the main port

Such a cute local church just out of town

Oh those tolls... and our challenge to get the cheapest price!

The Save Bridges - old one on the left, new unfinished one above and we are on the tempory one

The N1 - the main highway in Mozambique!!

Village life

Numerous truck drivers just buy a goat and chuck them on the top!

Selling rice

Last truckload for the day! 

That looks interesting - we will have to stop

The women in action

The kids have to be in on the photos too

Whoops - schools are getting poorer

Its alway washing day

A huge Ladies Day at Church

Yet more washing

Driving through Chimois

Getting the bananas ready for market

Water filling station

More village life

Boys and their toys

The mighty Zambezi River

Such a lovely spot to camp beside the Zambezi at Tete

Oh the load!  Bags of charcoal

Chickens to market

Tete town


Such a load

Rows of trucks waiting at the border to cross into Malawi - we drove past them all


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