Monday, September 25, 2023

BACK TO DAR ES SALAAM (Note pictures are in reverse order!! Start at the bottom)


Time to leave 

Our own migration

Hot air balloons out every morning

Way in the distance - 4 cheetahs

Storm clouds again

Just the leopard legs

The furry bundle

Such a long tongue

Traffic jam


Just a glimpse of the leopard

On my goodness - slow going

Finally the border - but not the gate

Local Maasi

Heading towards the Serengeti

Nap time

Our favorite lion

At last - driving down into the Crater

Hoping for some money

Another village

The girls are heading to their boma 

Heading into the Ng Conservation area

Our gorgeous campground at Migombami

A Maasi village

Heading through Massi territory

Navigating the streets of Arusha

A glimpse of Mt Nero from our campspot

Roasting Kilimanjaro coffee at Moshi

Lots of sisal plantations

Heading through the mountains

Look at the scooters the boys have made

Just the usual village life

Sorting the load of stingrays

The fishing port at Bagamoyo

One of the lovely old doors

Navigating the streets

The old Gernan Fort at Bagamoyo

The Old Kaole Ruins north of Bagamoya

Such a lovely bridge as we head north up the coast

Driving through the city

Cleaning Gr2 in Dar se Salaam - she was filthy

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