Monday, October 2, 2023


Back through villages after exiting the Serengetti

Pity the new road isn't finished

Takeaway food

Water boy

Drying fish

Lake Victoria at Muscoma

Sunset over the lake

Camping at Matvilla Beach Resort

The local catch

On through more villages

They come to watch us

Our view from the Yacht Club at Mwanza

More Mwanza views

Hmmm   the famous Bismark Rock

Busy streets leaving the city

Waiting for the ferry

The bridge will be finished soon

Met him beside the pool

Enjoying Rocky Bay Resort

So many people use the ferry

Some local transport

Local water

Local transport - Charcoal boys

A beehive

Our good road has vanished

Side saddle

A not so friendly zebra at Kigome camping area - he got a bit nippy

Naughty monkey stole our rubbish bag from inside the camper

Then he threw everything out and ate the apple peel

The fishing village of Katonga

Fish out drying

And back inKigoma selling the fish

The Railway Station in Kigoma

Magic camping at Jacobsons Beach

Someone is watching

Driving past the port

Banana market day

Such a heavy load

Into the mountains of Burundi

Crazy villages

Plenty to see on the road

Sharing our morning tea

Time to harvest nuts from the palm trees

Boiling down the palm oil

Brick boys

Palm oil processing

And out on Lake Taganyika

Taking school books home

Another busy waterfront town

Need to fire some more bricks

Our camp spot at Saga Beach

Seen on our boat ride at Rusizi National Park

Driving through the big city of Bujumbura

The Orthodox Cathedral

And the Anglican Cathedral

All the police have huge guns

Heading up the mountains

Flying down the hills

Free rides up

And on to the capital

Sewing machine street in Gitega

Hmmm I think the road is closed

Church in Gitega

Wow drumming at Gishoara 

Showing off his toy

BBQ kebabs anyone

On our way to Rwanda - a flat tyre! Lots of helpers and even more onlookers


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