Monday, November 6, 2023


Its chickens to market today

Miles of rice paddies

And ploughing out new fields

What a load

So many chickens to market!!! They will get in a bit of a flap

At Jinja Railway Station

Lake Victoria (again) at the source of the Nile

Driving to the Mosque in Kampala

Gadaffi Mosque

Yes, that's John inside the Mosque

Views from the Minaret - see GR2 down below

More views of Kampala

The Cathedral

And the Palace

Hmmmm   Not a fun visit

Camping back at Lake Victoria

Aero Park

The ferry port at Entebbe

Unloading goods 

Our cruise across Lake Victoria

And our beach side camping spot

More amazing loads

Arriving at 100% Hope

Lovely sunset view from Trischelle & Fred's home

What an amazing place!

Trischelle & Fred - such a fabulous couple

Love the baskets - note the naming

Roadside snacks for sale

More loads

Another sunset over Lake Victoria 

And our hippo

Those gorgeous tea plantations at Kerico

Hand picking tea

Selling the crops

More stunning farmlands

Carrot crops this time

Driving to Narok

In Maasi land

Such basic housing

The Maasi Mari Triangle

Strped mongoose

The population is exploding

Smile little jackal

Get up you lazy things!

Warthogs are always cute

Topi (he stood there for ages)

Elephant crossing on the Mara River

Crocs waiting on the Mara

Mud bath time

They are watching us

He is too

When we spotted her she was sound asleep

More hippos

Back across the Mara Bridge

A lonley hyena

Our Maasi ladies

Calling all the welcome committee at the Maasi Village

And here they are

All in their every day finery

They take turns jumping (men only)

The inside kitchen. It was so dark I had to guess where to point my camera

And the bedroom

Got that fire going

Beside Lake Naivasha


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