Wednesday, April 17, 2024


Flying back into Addis

Heading south again

Local homes we pass

More local carriers

Passing lovely scenery

Collecting the banana crops

The Konso area is covered in terraces

Heading up the mountain.... where is the good road!

Amazing local villages

Clothes market

Bath time and water collection time

Oh dear...

More clothes for sale

Women work hard here

It's a lovely drive out to Jinka

Every day the biggest chore is collecting water

He went to sleep at the wheel. And very glad to see us

In fact he's totally wrapt!!

Local road block. They wanted bananas

Off to market

When the rains come the fields need ploughing

Heading to see the Murci people

Our lip lady

Leaving the village these guys pop out

Visiting the Ari village. Great bellows for blacksmithing

The girls did my hair! Don't think it's my look. The black facial marks are from the Mursi people 

Cooking injera

Another road block. We had the bananas ready this time

Sneaky photo of the local hair dressing salon

For sale at the market....for local use

Skirts! I don't want one

Necklace for the first wife (I don't want one John)

All heading to the market as we head out of town

Not sure what the gun is for....but chase those cattle off the road please

Heading south again

Squatter towns nearer the border. We were told they were from South Sudan

And back again in the desert in Kenya

Some of the locals

Oh the rain has started again....the desert is green

How many times have we crossed the Equator

A glimpse of Mt Kenya

We stop to get our firewood bag repaired

And back in Nairobi again



  1. Oh my gosh your pics are amazing Lynda Love C n L xxx

  2. Fantastic pictures Linda great blog say safe