Sunday, April 7, 2024


Mt Kenya from the pool at Naru Moro

Heading through the desert on the way to Marsabit

It's a great road

After crossing into Ethiopia we turn down a side street to find a Hotel....

So many hardworking donkeys

Local village huts

Squatters are moving in too (many from Sudan)

All the housing seems to be huts

Not much water left to wash clothes and have a bath

Squeeze in a few more

Our lovely campsite at Arba Minch

The Orthodox Cathedral in Arba Minch

Weaving at Dorze

Exploring the Elephant Huts

Making bread

Boy and his toy

Great scenery up here on the mountain

Some of our monkeys

Ethiopian cuisine

And dancing

Lovely frescoes inside the Monasteries

Reed boats

More lines of worshippers

The load is supported by a stick

Gods Finger

Heading to Gondar

Inside the Royal Enclosure at Gondar

The Kings Summer Palace

The Lovely Church in Gondar

Love the ceiling

View from our Hotel

Tuk tuks lined up for fuel.... a huge shortage

Men sew here

Using horses to plough

Up in the gorgeous Simien Mountains

To keep us safe  It is loaded

Gelada Monkeys (Bleeding Hearts)

Back in Gonda visiting the markets

Love the ethnic dresses

The stalky stuff is Chat(a stimulant) they chew it
Making coffee is quite a ceremony

More local worshippers - the chanting goes for 3 ours

Flying to Lalibela

The amazing Rock Hewn Churches

St Georges

The next morning we visit during a service

Boys learning the trade! Chanting!



  1. Nice pics Linda,was the opening land on your fly over earth quake damage?safe travels.

  2. I see you have fallen in love with the soul of Ethiopia. I can see why..You are so far from home .Be safe and well.xx Big