Sunday, February 26, 2012


We follow that goat track into the mountains

The goat track turns into a river - oncoming 4x4's are suprised to see us

The rivers get bigger & bigger

Wow!!! Up in the mountains

We even see a few locals

Yet more locals - at Laguna Los Flamingos - where we camped

GR2 has no problems driving up the rocky riverbed

More gorgeous scenery

On the Atliplano

John looks at one of the "rock trees"

Amazing Laguna Colarado with it's red water

A few of the thousands of flamingos at the Laguna Colarado

Can't resist another look at the birds

A great bath with a great view

What a view to wake up to

At the edge of Bolivia - we are now entering Chile

The gorgeous town of Purmamarca - just over the Paso de Jama

The lighthouse at Montevideo - a great spot for use to camp - we ended up here a few times

Our camp spot at Bella Vista - one of Uruguays many beaches

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  1. Love you photos. I can only dream of visiting such places. At least I can travel my heart out in Australia which I am doing right now. Enjoy your travels