Friday, September 21, 2012


Once we returned to Brisbane we found that we missed camping so much, that we wanted a camper at home as well. We eventually decided on a slide on, so that we could utilize Johns work Ute, and then leave the back in the garage when not in use. So we finally found our Aussie Roamer. She is a lot smaller than Global Roamer, but has a good sized bed, a shower/toilet combo, small kitchen and even a table with 2 seats. Perfect for small trips in Australia. We took her away for a long weekend in October last year, but by July we were itching to take her out again. Our daughter’s wedding was over and all the rellies had gone, so we set off…Planning (well you know how plans change)
Our first night we camped on a river bank and managed a fire. Stopped at Bundaberg to look at a commercial property. Then the next day we explored the Aviation Museum and now know all about Bert Hinkler. Then we were moving on through the gorgeous Deepwater National Park. What a lovely drive!  Aussie Roamer took to  the sandy roads like a duck to water. By the time we reached 1770 it had started to rain. But we continued on to camp in Eurinbula National Park. We even did some very damp walks. It was a pretty place. What a pity about the weather.

On to Gladstone where we slept overnight right on the wharf. Then to Rockie and out to Yeppoon. Weather still unsettled. We plug on to gorgeous Byfield National Park along some seriously sandy tracks (very much 4x4 territory) Great spot, with lovely walks to a very secluded beach. Still wet! The plan had been to continue north, but we decided that maybe if we headed inland the weather might improve. So back to Rockie, and towards the Leichhardt Highway, to Isla Gorge National Park. Tired of the main roads we venture onto back roads. Although it was fine, the roads are very wet, and when we reach the black sticky stuff we make a strategic retreat… Finally we give up and head home.

It had been a lovely drive….we will try again later


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