Monday, November 12, 2012


Ubatuba Beach on the holiday weekend

Gorgeous old colonial town of Parati

Streets of Parati

I can reccommend the passionfruit slice & the coconut sticks...Yum

Inside a gorgeous cathedral at Rio

The modern cathedral in Rio - quite different. The outside looked like a nuclear plant. The interior grew on us.

At the markets. 2 dancers do acrobatic moves while the band plays. Awesome

Cristo Redentor surrounded in cloud

Copocabana Beach

The view from Sugar Loaf of Rio

The cable car on our second visit. On the first trip this part was all in cloud.

As we leave Rio we finally see the statue of Christ overlooking Rio

A little church at Saquarema

Our overnight beach camp site

Near the fort at a beach at Cabo Frio

After our swim & lunch at Buxios

A bridge to nowhere

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