Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The start of the flooding - very unusual for this time of the year!

Overlooking the city of Victoria in the rain

Fortunately we could just drive through - the little cars were not so lucky

Coffee plantation

Local housing

Miles and miles of white sandy beaches - the Coconut Coast

Local housing running down the hill to Itacare

The lovely beach at Itacare

The narrow wooden boats on all the rivers here

One of the towns we passed through

Boarding the ferry boat

Leaving on our ferry boat

The crumbling city of Salvador

The lift up from the lower town to the upper town - Salvadore

Capriocea dancers and band - very athletic

Salvadores main plaza

Gorgeous old streets in Salvadore

The very enthusiastic drummers - Salvadore

The suburbs at Salvadore

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