Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Yes this trip does feel as if we have driven in circles & we are on own last few loops before heading home. After a really hot night (did I say that last time – yes it was sooooo hot) we get up early & drive. Even driving is hot because our air conditioner has given up the ghost completely. Follow the motorways through dry, hot, barren land on to Las Vegas. We did intend to drive straight through with only a short stop for fuel, but we saw flashing lights behind us. We sure haven’t been speeding, so what can he possibly want from us. We leave an HOUR later. Very frustrating. This cop sure has a chip on his shoulder. All he could find wrong was the fact that we had 6 extra number plates on the back of the vehicle (way up the top). He spent ages typing out a warning and lecturing John. What an arrogant idiot (woops I’m supposed to be forgiving. We think maybe he had an Aussie wife who divorced him)

Meant we ended up driving through Vegas rush hour. Just keep heading on and on. Out of Arizona and into California. We are heading to an Isuzu Truck workshop in San Diego. Hopefully they will be able to order an air compressor. Traffic is crazy around San Diego so we don’t arrive until after 6pm. And YAY they are still open and very excited to see us. Quite a boost for John after that crazy cop! We spend the night in their yard and the next morning John finds a good used compressor in a wrecked truck and fits it to our truck, gets it regased and all is perfect. DOUBLE YAY!! We leave mid morning with nice cool air blowing on our faces. We will return to leave GR2 here in a few days time. They are going to look after her when we go home.

Next destination is Richard & Debbra’s house. They are our American friends who stored GR2 for us after our Mexico trip, and who came over to Queensland for a few months. But first we have time for a scenic drive through San Diego taking in Coronado & its beach front, the old city centre & the waterfront. We hug the busy coastline for ages until we get sick of the traffic & jump back onto the motorway. Arrive at the address, but eventually realize that they have moved!! Thank goodness Richard checks his emails regularly as we don’t have his phone number – finally on to see them in their new house. Lots of catching up, plus we use their washing machine for our last huge load of washing.

Now we head north – we want to catch up with Clive & Karrin – part of our Pinder family – in Paso Robles. So we head through the humungous city of Los Angeles – on the huge motorways. We have no intention of winding through back streets here! Hours later we reach the other side. Now we can hug the coast for miles & miles. Sea mist is still straggling over the hills. The roads are lined with parked cars – locals visiting the beach & the car parks are expensive. Even the State Parks require a fee for day use! We had planned to camp on Pismo Beach as recommended by Richard, but we stopped and Skype our gorgeous Grandkidlets and so are not going to make it. Instead we investigate the State Camps on the waterfront. The first 2 are closed because of an oil leak, & the next 2 want to charge us $45. Crazy! It will be dark soon so we find our own spot.

We are not far from the very Danish town of Solvang – so head there for a scrumptious brekkie of pancakes & a big explore. Continue exploring the coast stopping at Pismo Beach where there is a very chilly wind blowing before moving on to the lovely Morro Bay. Such a pretty place, but that wind is still chilly. We stop to watch the cute sea otters – bigger here than the ones in Alaska. Decide to head a bit further up the coast before turning & heading to Paso Robles. Means we get to stop & watch the seals sunbaking on the beach.

Our last weekend we spend with Clive & Karrin getting very spoiled with fabulous food & wine. I will be waddling home this time! All good things come to an end. We head back down to San Diego to leave GR2 tucked away at the Isuzu workshop. We know they will take good care of GR2 – even start her up now & then to keep her batteries going. Tomorrow morning we head up to Los Angeles for the long flight home. It will be great to see our family, hug our grand kids & catch up with friends.

We will be back to USA later this year (we are excited about seeing the Polar Bears!)

Adios Amigos.




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