Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Our new wheels - should give us great grip. Now we can go anywhere - we hope.

What a find. Heaps of old vehicles stored in the desert.

Another motorhome!! It has had a long life. Hope GR2 doesn't end up all rusty like this

Camp spot in the wash... at Canyon Sin Hombre in Arriza Borrego Desert State Park

Exploring Canyon Sin Hombre

Heading back to the main road

Inside Joshua Tree National Park - the Cholla Garden - careful, these are very spicky

Me posing by some rocks - found these ones down a little dirt track

What magic weather we are having in the park. GR2 likes posing.

Driving through the Joshua Trees

The shootout at Pioneer Village

The Amboy volcano

Finally a camp spot in the Mojave Desert.

Amazing views of Lake Mead

Yay and what a drive

Back on the motorway - where does the road go to. Nearly at St George.

Our campspot with views across the valley of Zion. Had a great campfire too.

Windsor Castle - the Mormon fort at Pipe Springs National Monument

Not quite out of the hole

Help is at hand. These guys had a ball.

Entering Escalante National Park

The start of the Lick Wash walk. We only made it in 20 mins before rain set in

Running out, water is running down the canyon walls and the stream is building up

Camping overnight with Beat & Beatti

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