Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Getting water

Gr2 has a good wash


Pentikent town & markets

The old mud brick ruins

Driving through one of the many gorges

An old mudbrick minaret - being presvered

Relaxing by the lake

Iskander Kul

Heading back out from the lake


The Palace (a sneaky photo from inside GR2)

It is a lovely city

The Library

The Museum

The Gardens

Hissar Fortress - very renovated

Friends wanting photos

The huge Budha inside the museum

Hay making

What a lovely dammed lake

Local Ladies

Local butcher - street meat!

Visitors to our camp spot

Local patrol

Afgan village

Yet another Afgan village from our camp spot

School time

Driving beside the border

Local transport - Afganistan

My solo swim

Filling up with our new filter

Rams horns decorating the cemetery

More stunning views

New friends

More local transport in Afganistan - a donkey caravan

Pamir homes

The drive

Beside Lake Khourgas

Oh how I miss my zoom camera - a marmot. There are heaps of them

More lakes

Camping with friends

Lake Yachil-kul

Yaks outside of Bulunkul

Washing day

Heading in to Murghab

Filling up with diesel

Getting water

Local cemetery

Getting bread - whose is best

Sheep bath time

Chinese fence

Camping beside Lake Karakol

More water

Heading in to the mountains

Just over the border - the actual border was at the top of the mountain

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